The Transporter 4 Frank Martin’s Lucrative Business is Still Running

The professional transporter Frank Martin goes on with his business in The Transporter 4. Jason Statham and Francois Berleand will reprise his role in the new sequel that will be directed by Olivier Megaton. The movie will bring on new exciting cast and a new story to give fans something fresh. And of course, because Martin’s business has been thriving, you are going to see his new car.

The Transporter is a French action film about a driver for hire, Frank Martin. At the right price, Martin will deliver anything to any place without any question. The story of the first film revolves around a package that Martin was hired to deliver. The problem started when he opened the package and discovered that it was a woman. Because the woman is linked to the bad guys, the shooting and the chasing begins. The success of the first movie led to two sequels and a movie series. And because fans can’t get enough of the action packed film, the producers are bringing it back. You are going to see the Transporter 4.

Producers Luc Besson and Steve Chasman will set the production of the fourth Transporter in motion. Besson was also the writer for the previous film. He collaborates with Robert Mark Kamen. Lionsgate will distribute the film. Olivier Megaton remains in the chair, directing a new lineup that includes Daniel Panabaker, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, Anna Sophia Robb, Tanya Roberts, Dennis Quaid, Kay Panabaker, and Timo Dierkes.

Director Olivier Megaton was born with a surname Fontana. The Megaton name was inspired by the bombing of Hiroshima, with the director being born 20 years after the event took place. Megaton was active in arts since his schooling days and after having met Jean Baptiste Mondino, he began creating films. Other notable movies that he directed are Colombiana, The Red Siren, and Hitman.

Even before The Transporter, Jason Statham was known for his roles in Revolver and Snatch. In American films, Statham played supporting roles in the Italian Job and lead roles to other box office successful movies such as Crank and The Bank Job. He was also included in the main cast of War wherein he worked with martial arts superstar Jet Li. In the Expendables, Statham worked with other action stars such as Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. It is interesting to note that Statham personally plays his stunts as well as his own fight scenes.

Since 1998, Statham appeared in more than 20 films. The most notable of those movies are the Transporter and Crank series, Snatch, and the Bank Job. Because of his remarkable work in the box office, he has grossed more than $1 billion. Before being an actor, Statham worked as a driver. No wonder how his role in the Transporter series fits him very well. Expect no failure as he does his role again in Transporter 4.

So what has the new movie have in store? The film creators are yet to reveal what will happen in the new film. But don’t get frustrated yet – you can expect the key elements to be present in the new film. After all, the team has successfully made the previous movies enjoyable for you. So in the meantime, relax and all the news will come to you. And before we forget, the Transporter 4 will feature the Audi A6, an executive car that is created by German automobile maker Audi AG. Audi has been prevalent in the Transporter series because it is the only brand that Frank Martin trusts.

In the movie, Martin only chooses to drive his own customized Audi. If you have seen the series, you will see how Martin left the chasers behind by the sheer power of car. Audi has brought Martin to great lengths. And because his older cars have been experiencing a lot of shooting, banging and whacking, it’s about time that he take something new.

In the meantime, you may see the trailer to get a glimpse of the action that you are going to experience in this new movie. We recommend that you constantly check for the release date so that when the film is ready for the big screen, you don’t get left behind. The Transporter 4 is widely anticipated and there is the possibility for the advanced screening tickets to run out.

Until The Transporter 4 trailer will be released we let you enjoy the first three movie trailers.

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